Plan Your Future

Treasury bills and bonds are risk-free, high yielding investment options that can be both short term and long term in nature


Grow Your Savings

You can grow your savings and achieve your goals by investing in treasury bills and bonds because they are highly liquid


Certainty of Cashflows

Treasury bills and bonds are highly liquid and can be accessed any time in case of an emergency, plus they can be used as collateral for a loan


Risk Free Investment

Use treasury bills and bonds for children savings and project funding which requires access to periodic cashflows

Benefits of investing in Treasury Bills and Bonds

Risk Free Investment

Treasury bills and bonds are risk-free high yielding investment options that can be both short term and long term in nature. They are an investment vehicle through which Governments borrows from the public.

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Certainty of Cashflows

A payment schedule that shows your periodic cashflow payments dates and amounts for your interest/coupon payments for bonds as well as the maturity dates for both treasury bills and treasury bonds is available. You have:
- Interest payments
- Receipt of payments
- Certainty of dates

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High Returns

The amount of interest you will earn depends on the price you pay for your Treasury bills. The lower the price you pay, the higher the interest you will earn.

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Requirements to invest in Treasury Bills and Bonds


  1. Housing Finance Bank Account

You need to have an account with Housing Finance Bank otherwise, Housing Finance Bank can process one for you from the various options available at any of our branches.


  1. Complete a CSD (Central Securities Depository) account opening form

A Central Securities Depository (CSD) account is a specific account opened for the purpose of holding government securities investments with Bank of Uganda, through Housing Finance Bank.

Housing? Finance Bank will facilitate you with the process of opening a CSD account.

Open a CSD Account


  1. Complete the Housing Finance Bank Treasury bill/bond purchase form

The purchase form captures the details of the investment: including the investment type, amount, and period of investment. For further guidance of information, please contact the treasury team as detailed below; 0417-707 566/568/569

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  1. Investment Certificate

Housing Finance Bank will send to you an investment certificate once the transaction has been completed and the account has been debited with the agreed amount.

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Other Treasury Services

We have a wide range of treasury products to meet all your investment needs

Foreign Currency Exchange

Have the flexibility to exchange a wide range of currencies that you need at very competitive foreign exchange rates.

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Hedging Solutions

Protect you and your business against the impact of movements in foreign exchange or take advantage of favorable market movements

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Government Securities

You can buy and sell government securities through Treasury Bills and Treasury Bonds for different tenors, at your convenience.

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Treasury Market Updates

Subscribe to our treasury market update to get tips and information about how you can buy and sell government securities through Treasury Bills and Treasury Bonds for different tenors of your choice and at your convenience.

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